1491 - 1547



Pastime with good company (para 3 flautas)

Adieu madame et ma maistresse

Helas madame

Alas, what shall I do

O my heart

The time of youth

Whereto should I express

Gentil prince de renom

Green groweth the holly

Whoso that will all feats

Alack, alack what shall I do

If love now reigned

It is to me a right great jo

Without discord

Though that men do call

Consort II

Consort III

Consort IV


Consort VIII

Consort XII 

Consort XIII 

Consort XI

Consort X

Consort XV

Consort XXI

Consort XXII

Departure is my chief pain

Though some saith

En vray amour

Tauder nake

Whoso that will for grace su

Lusty youth should us ensue